Nasri Loves Kompany

Anyone who follows the Premier League, knows that Manchester City is destined to win it.  Yes, the season is long, but no team can compete with the quality and depth of Man City.  The new arrivals, Sterling and De Bruyne, sealed it for me.  The two best players are Aguero and Silva, then comes Yaya.  This is the best trio in club soccer today.  In addition to their amazing individual qualities, they fit in with each other and they are three sides to the same triangle.  Now let me move on to the original topic of this post– and that is Nasri and Kompany.  To me, these two players are the reason why City will win the Premiership.
Nasri has long been one of my favorite players in soccer.  In his days at Arsenal, I thought Nasri was misunderstood and under appreciated, even when he was at the top of his game; EVEN when he was the best in the world that week or even that month.  Nothing was good enough then for Wenger, and it seems nothing is good enough now for Pellegrini.  Nasri is under the microscope every game.  If he has a bad stretch on the pitch, conclusions are made and consequences ensue.  How is it possible that a player, (who, when he’s at his best, he’s the best in the world, NEVER gets the benefit of the doubt), is never allowed to go into his piggy bank to get a reprieve and can never get a little note from his parents that their little boy was sick that day?  My advice to Pellegrini is: start Nasri and leave the worrying to the opposition.  Although Navas is very nice player on the right side with excellent speed and dribbling, he’s also predictable.  Navas could spell Nasri with 20 minutes to go in the game, and do a fantastic job forcing the opposing defense to change, hopefully opening a hole for a scoring opportunity, but Navas shouldn’t start for the City.
Kompany had given me pause in the past, but now he’s the most dependable and reliable center D in the League.  The heart and soul of City.  He’s not the fastest guy on the pitch, (not the most skilled either), but always is buttoned up, is tactically sound, is positionally perfect, makes a solid first pass, creates havoc in the opposition’s box on corner kicks, and most importantly, defends like his life depends on it.  Nasri and Kompany seem like a great duo and I hope to see them continuing a dynamic. Kompany should take Nasri under his wing as a 7-year City player. Nasri loves Kompany, and so should everyone.  Get over it.  
I am Lana Gandler with a City glimpse.

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