High School by Lana

Many people, including myself, say that I killed it in High School.  Not in the way that I was the star athlete, Valedictorian, Prom Queen, or best dressed.  In fact it was the opposite, except for the grades, which were always high.  I stopped playing soccer after my sophomore year (injuries), I didn’t even go to my junior prom, and I wore sweats almost every single day. WHY? The last two is because I simply did not care.  I wish I could pull up my high school log in and show you my attendance sheet. LOL.

Freshman year:

First of all, in my high school, only seniors are allowed to have “late-arrival” — that is, start school second period.  I started doing this my freshman year, because 1. I was not a morning person & 2. my older sister was a senior and was arriving second period, so I would come with her most of the time.  Of course I was on attendance probation, but I reached the limit of unexcused absences allowed without failing the course.  Yes, I still got an A in Spanish though.  In addition, I was constantly seeing doctors, chiropractors, and other medical practitioners for my injuries, and sometimes couldn’t even come to school with the amount of neck pain I was in.

Saturday Detention wasn’t that bad.  I ended up there for doing a cartwheel in class when there was a substitute teacher, along with a few of my friends who were also taking advantage of the sub.

Don't have a photoshoot in English Class unless you want detention
Don’t have a photoshoot in English Class unless you want detention.

Sophomore year:


I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t have many friends in my high school.  Most of my friends were older, and I honestly felt more mature, coming from a Russian family, than most people in my school.  I didn’t like the petty drama, and the gossip around me, and therefore, I separated myself from the problems.  I didn’t have time for any of that, especially while I played high school and club soccer, and had all of my other obligations.  If I didn’t want to be friends with someone anymore, I simply would stop being their friend.

I started visiting my older sister at her college, and going out with her and her friends.  High school parties seemed boring and stupid to me.  It was a lot more fun to go out in Manhattan, and experience real life instead of staying in the high school bubble.



Junior Year:

Come junior year, I had a legitimate “late arrival” for not only one, but for two periods late.  I would dandily arrive to school third period, while every other junior was at school by 7:30am.  But I had lunch fourth period, so most of the time I would just come in fifth period.  I was able to have this schedule because of a medical reason/ minor sleep disorder and because I wasn’t able to take gym class.  I had a major wrist surgery in March of my junior year aka the most important year on my right aka my dominant hand.  I couldn’t go to school for weeks, and when I came back I couldn’t write.  When I came back to school, I was still wearing a huge and heavy cast on my entire arm with my arm inside a foam box to hold my arm bent and upright.  People asked me if it was a science project.

I had to skip postpone the day that every 17 year-old looks forward to: getting your driver’s license.  Coming home from seeing a doctor for my jaw pain (yes, I’m a grandma), my mom and I were hit by another car, and I was taken to the hospital.  This happened the day before my birthday.  Not trying to have a pity party… everything turned out great, except for the fact that 3.5 years later I still cannot write and do other activities involving my hand, without pain.  I got all A’s that year, despite missing so much school, not being able to write, and suffering through the many medical issues I had.  When I finally got my license, the school let me park in the senior parking lot right by the school.



Senior Year:

Senior Year… where do I begin.  Did I ever go to school?  It was the joke in all of my classes: “Lana doesn’t even go here.”  I had not one, not two, but three periods that I was able to miss in the morning.  My fourth period, I had Economics, and fifth period I had lunch. I would skip that class a lot, go to the chiropractor instead, and just come to school 6th period.  One time when I was actually in class, and there was a sub who called my name, and some girl in front of me screamed, “No she never comes.” I owned her, and she was embarrassed.  I didn’t take economics seriously because I knew I would be taking it in college, and would rather take it seriously there, with the best professors teaching me.  Most students are only allowed to park in the senior upper parking lot by the school if they car pool or “win the lottery.” I happened to win this lottery and get the first and closest spot to the school. Coincidence? I think not. 😉 But, I also have a handicapped pass, so if someone was parked in my spot, (since I arrived so late), I would just park in handicapped.


Now to the interesting stuff: 

The asshole Vice Principle who had a vendetta on me (because he was my geography teacher sophomore year first period, and I was always late/ missed a lot of classes), suddenly was on a power trip.  From teacher salary to vice principle salary, he really was such a boss, he could probably bathe in money and use it as toilet paper.  *jokes*  Sorry, I just really dislike him.  When I forgot my wallet in the cafeteria, my friend brought it to the office so that they could return it to me.  Well, it wasn’t returned to me with everything in it. The Vice Principle obviously wanted to find something against me, so he searched through it and illegally took my three of my things.  He claimed that he was “trying to figure out who’s wallet it was.” The things he took were in a secret pocket.  I had 10+ identification cards in which he could’ve figured out that the wallet belonged to Lana Gandler, including my license, credit cards, checks, school Id, etc.  After that entire incident, my dad spoke to him and basically said, “If you ever speak to my daughter again, I’m going to have you fired.”  Thanks Papa.

Every other normal high school, allows students to leave during lunch, especially as a Senior, but of course my high school did not.  One hot day, my friend and I left school during our lunch to get food and stop at my house to get money from my parents. Next thing you know, I’m sitting in “In-School-Suspension” the next day, where the room is smaller than my closet and I almost suffocated.

English classes: You may think I love to write, hence my blog, and I now I do, but I used to hate and dread it throughout school.  That’s because I was forced to write about topics that weren’t interesting to me.  I was the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION.  I would start a 10 page research paper the night before it was due, and pull an all nighter.  Sometimes, I would realize how hard the paper actually is, and just not go to school the next day, or email the teacher some believable excuse.  I would always get away with it without any consequences. Mwahaha.


And do not even get me started on middle school… That’s for next time. It’s probably better.

Until next time,

Lana Gandler


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