7 Night-time Activites @ the University of Miami

Obviously, we’re all, well most of us, are at college to get an education.  But what comes with education, is the partying and activities that go on while you’re there.  Most people aren’t able to balance this, or rather prioritize education over partying, but those who do, end up having the best college experience while learning and getting good grades.  Let’s break things down for going out at UM:

1. South Beach–

  • Wall: my personal favorite
  • Liv: Ratchet unless you go with a huge crew
  • Bodega: the new spot, combo on bardot/ rec room/ mokai
  • Basement @ Edition Hotel
  • Rec Room: Chill, thursday nights Hip Hop night
  • Mynt: International, fun with a crew
  • Mokai – RIP since it was renovated and shut down for 2 monthsIMG_4081

2. Brickell / Downtown / Midtown–

  • Bardot- Chill spot, good vibes, need good crew/ table
  • Blue Martini
  • Bars: American Social, Blackbird

3. Grove– (my least favorite out of everything)

Many people go here, many people don’t.  I am of those people who don’t. I haven’t been there this semester, and last semester I went once, but to get pizza from NY Pizza in my pajamas, but ended up going to Fat Tuesday’s

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.59.28 PM

Fat Tuesday’s- fun with a good crew

Moes- you could possibly get diabetes from Moose Juice. Way too packed. Definitely will get your phone/ money stolen

Tavern- smaller than Moe’s aka more packed

4. Frat Parties– Fun.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.31.55 PM

* Frat Pool Parties– So Fun ( I know this isn’t @ night but it’s still necessary to include)


5. Pregames–




6. Dinners/ Birthday Dinners–



Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.23.18 PM


Lure Fishbar

Sushi Couture

Mr. Chow’s

Il Gabbiano

Red (Steak House)

Makoto (in Bal Harbor)

Prime 112, Prime Italian and Prime Fish

Less Expensive: 



Anthony’s Pizza (just tried for the first time over the weekend, so good)

Cafe Abracci


YardHouse (fast food)

Mariposa (Meiman Marcus Merrick Park)

Whisk (Sunset)

Nordstorm Café

*Tailgates– These aren’t at night but they’re THAT GOOD that I needed to include them.

Warning: can get pretty ratchet, sunlife is far, BUT THEY ARE SO FUN IF YOU DO IT RIGHT

PG’s at the frats, houses, or Red Road Pool

Buses to the Game, hop in someone’s car, or take Uber

I don’t usually go to the games. unless it’s FSU, UF or I’m hungry and want to get a hotdog/ Gyro/ Dip n Dots


7. Chilling– it’s nice to have friends, especially older ones if you are a freshman

Your apartment, house

Your friends apt or house

Frat house


Hope that covers most of it.

Have fun!



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