The Rise of The Fuckgirl

Let’s cut the sexism. This fuckery exists in both genders.

Fuckgirl exists too. 


What is a fuckgirl?

A fuckgirl is a girl that loves to play games and seeks pleasure out of breaking guys’ hearts.   She is sly, sneaky, smart, and manipulative and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  She wants all of a guy’s attention without the commitment of a relationship. Once she has conquered a man, she drops him like nothing ever happened, and moves on to the next.  Why? Because it’s just no fun anymore. Often, you can find her juggling several different men at once.  She obviously does whatever the fuck she wants and doesn’t give a fuck about who’s feelings she hurts in the process.


Of course, there are different levels of fuckgirls. There are those with morals, there are those without morals, and there are the ones in between. For example, the ones without morals are the type to cheat in a relationship, and subsequently blame it on their “daddy issues”.  They are the types of girls that will do anything they can to have all eyes on them.  Whether it’s her friend’s boyfriend she stole, or her  boyfriend’s brother, she will do anything she can to get revenge and make it known that she makes the rules. She always goes after the guy that she knows other girls want just to prove that she can get any guy she wants, and in turn, makes other girls envy her.


The  fuckgirls with morals don’t go to such extremes. They are those who don’t want commitment, but own their sexuality and independence. They don’t go for guys with girlfriends and don’t slut around, but a one night stand isn’t farfetched.

Ultimately, fuckgirls have one characteristic in common, men don’t define them. Relationships aren’t a priority because they live for themselves and no one else.  Every girl should have a little fuckgirl in her.  Be a bad ass bitch. Show him who’s boss. Don’t take any bullshit from anyone. Throw your “feelings” down the drain when things go south, GET OVER IT, and leave that fuckboy in the dust like he never existed.


Keep slaying, Fuckgirls.


Images from Instagram accounts: @themrsqueenbee & @hoegivesnofucks





















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